The People

Between 1859 and 1954, three generations of Gibson family members and dozens of servants lived and worked at 137 Beacon Street. In many ways, their experiences are typical of individuals of their particular gender and social class. And yet, their unique stories allow us to explore this period of Boston’s history through a distinctly personal lens.

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Contemporary Voices

The Gibson House Museum is collecting short oral histories from Gibson family relatives, relatives of employees of the Gibson family, and former Museum employees. Browse these video clips to learn more about the inner workings of the Gibson House, from residence to museum. (More coming soon.)

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Gerard Ladd was the Gibson House's first curator, hired by Charlie Gibson himself to help catalog his family's artifacts and present the Gibson House as a museum. In the video below, Ladd's niece, Miriam Davison, shares some of her recollections about Ladd and mid-twentieth-century Boston.

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