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Reservations are required for group tours of 12 or more; please call 617.267.6338.

members free; adults $9; students and seniors (62+) $6; children (under 12) $3
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The Gibson House Museum is looking for volunteers. If you are interested in historic house museums and the history of the Back Bay, please contact us to discuss volunteer opportunities at GHM.
Michelle Coughlin,
Museum Administrator
Wendy Swanton, 

Samuel H. Duncan,  
Edward W. Gordon,
   Vice President
Lorraine Hanley,
Susan Ashbrook,     
Jacob Barry 
Jacqueline Blombach  
Lance Brisbois 
Frances Duffly
David R. Hocker  
Nancy Holcomb 
Lorie Komlyn
Ruth Ann Kupfer
Christopher Leich 
William Pear II
Lauren Thomas 
Katherine B. Winter


"Step back in time as you enter this house. Everything looks like the owner just stepped out. Simply amazing tour. See what it was like to live in 1860. Full of antiques, a must see." 
Reviewed May 2016

"A really interesting hour spent with a great guide looking all around a house still furnished with genuine furniture and items from [the] mid 19[th] c[entury]. The kitchen alone is a treasure trove, with cookware and utensils. Excellent."

Reviewed July 2015

"We were so glad we took the tour. It was truly a time capsule of Victorian Boston. Everything in the house is original-- that includes the furniture, carpets, wallpaper, bathtub, unique heating system, etc. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy sharing information about the house and family. A fun and unique experience."
Reviewed Jan. 2015   

"Unbelievable!!! It was if we stepped back in time. I can't even begin to describe this house. It was more than a museum. Like a previous Trip Advisor reviewer stated (it was [as] if the occupants had just got up and left) and you were walking back in time. This place needs to move up on the list for must see attractions."
Reviewed Aug. 2014
Gibson Society, Inc.
Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2014-2015
October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015
The Gibson House Museum experienced a successful 2014-2015 fiscal year, with the completion of several restoration projects, an increase in visitation and college class tours, a vibrant roster of programming, and continued financial stability.
Highlights among completed preservation projects included the cleaning and repair of the entry hall's beautiful Japanese "leather" wallpaper and large landscape painting, respectively made possible by an Amelia Peabody Foundation grant and a generous donation by patron Robert Severy. Fundraising efforts to replace the worn red carpet in the entranceway, a further step in the master preservation plan, are ongoing.
Early in the year the digitization of the Gibson family photograph albums, funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant, was brought to a close, and a program planned to showcase these images.
This fiscal year saw a particularly strong programming line-up, including the annual "Early Baseball in Boston" event, author Maureen Meister's lecture on arts and crafts architecture, a presentation on "The Evolution of the Dinner Party, 1859-1954"--given twice by Etiquetteer Robert Dimmick due to its popularity--and a special "Family Life in Downtown Boston" tour offered in conjunction with the Boston House Museum Alliance. Other collaborations included a "Behind the Scenes at the GHM" tour with the Boston Center for Adult Education and a talk on Gibson House servant life given by Program Committee Chair Edward Gordon following a presentation of the Huntington Theatre's "The Second Girl." To prepare for the play, members of the cast and Director Campbell Scott visited the museum for a special servant-focused tour.
In the spring the museum hosted its Annual Benefit at the lovely Chilton Club. Honoring Anthony M. Sammarco, the author of more than sixty books on the Boston area and a longtime friend of the Gibson House, the benefit was successful on many counts. Earlier in the year the museum brought back the Repeal Day fundraiser, a popular program that commemorates the repeal of Prohibition and features the Charlie's Beacon cocktail in honor of Charles Gibson Jr.
The Gibson House continues to increase its outreach in various ways and to be an educational resource for visitors from all over the world and for students of history, architecture, art, and design. The museum has maintained a strong internship program, and this year introduced a new blog, highlighting stories about the Gibsons, their home, and their time period contributed by museum tour guides and interns.
The museum's efforts have been attracting increasing media notice, and 2014-2015 saw the Gibson House highlighted in a documentary film on Booker T. Washington and a feature article in Harvard magazine.
Finally, the museum introduced a new logo, contributed by graphic designer Jim Hood. Incorporating the words "historic-authentic-illuminating," we think it describes the museum to a tee.
Thank you for your interest in this historic treasure! We appreciate your past generosity and hope you will continue your support.

Michelle Coughlin
Museum Administrator
                                                                Photo by Mary Prince, Mary Prince Photography
Gibson House Museum Treasurer's Report
by Robert Goodof

For the 2014-2015 fiscal year, the Gibson House Museum operated at a $7,265 surplus, versus a budgeted $4,400 deficit and a $1,500 surplus in FY 2014. The most important contributors to this performance were above-budget Annual Benefit receipts, other non-board support, and facility rental. Better admissions/tour receipts, lower program and guide expenses, and absence of unplanned maintenance expenses also contributed to the much-improved results.

More specifically, financial support from all other sources exceeded forecasts by $9,400, and was $6,500 above the prior year. Admissions/tours and program receipts were $2,800 ahead of plan and $4,200 above the prior year, while program expenses were $600 below plan and flat versus 2013-2014.

As a result of the strong contribution and operating results, only $3,750 was withdrawn from the endowment, versus a $10,200 budget. This included $1,000 for gutter repair from the winter storms.

The endowment balance, at fiscal year-end, was $306,000, including $24,250 in restricted funds, versus $315,000 and $44,000 in restricted funds. Cash (on hand and checking) was $2,200 versus at around $3,400 at the end of FY 2013-2014.

The Gibson House completed funding and execution of the $7,500 IMLS grant for digitization of the family photograph albums, and also completed the wallpaper restoration project, on time and under budget. As a result, the grantor, the Amelia Peabody Foundation, has allowed the museum to use the balance for restoration of the front hallway's carpet.

The Gibson House is now operating on a financially stable basis, although there are a number of opportunities to improve the museum's contribution to the neighborhood and its mission, given greater financial and labor resources. The museum has added a part-time Museum Assistant, thanks to specific support from generous donors Rosamond Allen and Linda and F. Towne Allen. This has allowed our Museum Administrator to focus on other activities, including local outreach. In an effort to develop more permanent financial security, a committee has been formed to explore and develop options for a more sustainable Gibson House.

                                                                                                    Photo by John Woolf


1859 Club
Rosamond Allen and Paul Landry
Linda and F. Towne Allen
Susan Ashbrook and Fritz Casselman
Jacqueline Blombach and Michael Duca
Frances and Thomas C. Duffly
Nancy Jane and Samuel H. Duncan
Nelson Gifford
Diane Gipson
Cindy and Robert S. Goodof
David R. Hocker
Ruth Ann Kupfer
Judith and Christopher Leich
Mary Hammond Norton
Payne│Bouchier Fine Builders
Lauren Thomas and Peter Der Manuelian
Trust for Seminarians
Katherine B. Winter
Donors for Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Robert J. Allison
Malina Amand
Elizabeth Ames
Desiree and Jacob Barry
Lance Brisbois
Ronald Brooks
Jonathan Butler
Mrs. Lewis P. Cabot
Cesidio L. Cedrone and Anthony M. Sammarco
Elizabeth Chace-Marino
Mark Chadbourne
Francine and Bill Crawford
Catherine Davis
Carol and Richard Daynard
Nancy Devereaux
Robert B. Dimmick
Sheila and Charles Donahue
Richard Doring
John Duncan (California)
John Duncan (Connecticut)
Jacqueline and Stephen Feinberg
Gail Fenske
Fisher College
Ariadne and J.M. Forbes
Ernestine Gianelly
Cathy Gibson
Edward W. Gordon
Richard Griswold
Anne and Richard Groves
Lorraine Hanley
Donna Harshman
Nancy and Thomas High
Nancy and Norman Holcomb
Elizabeth B. Johnson
Mary Kane
Diana and Howard Kassler
Marilyn Kearney
Thomas Kershaw
Mary Kingsbery
Ann H. Kneisel
Lorie Komlyn
Joan and Donald Korb
Joan Christison Lagay
Mary Leen
George Lewis
James Mahoney
Jane Marshall
Mary Martin
Maureen Meister and David Feigenbaum
Elizabeth M. Mellett
Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler
Sharon Miller
Phoebe Milliken
Venky and Jaya Narayanamurti
John Neale
Carl Nold
Melissa and Larry Norton
Patricia Oswald
Loumona Petroff
Margaret Pokorny
Antonia Pollak
Susan Prindle
Patricia Quinn
Margaret E. Richardson
Robert B. Severy
Barbara Shea
Margaret and Peter Sherin
Nancy and Joel Solomon
Jeanne and Donald Stanton
Anne Swanson
Jolinda and William Taylor
M. K. Terrell
Mary Thompson
Marty Walz
Virginia White
Sydney Taylor Williams
John Wolfarth
Janet Younker
Linda Zukowski

Raffle and Auction Donors
The Boston Athenaeum
Boston Pops
Jacqueline D. Blombach
Philip Celeste/On Center
Childs Gallery
Michael A. Duca
Samuel H. Duncan
Frances Duffly
Friend of the Gibson House Museum
Edward W. Gordon
Gordon's Fine Wines and Liquors
Mary Ethel Grady/Willow & Urn Antiques
Ruth Kupfer
Karma Longtin
Anthony M. Sammarco
Shaker Workshop of Arlington
Katherine B. Winter
Donors in Recognition
Laura and James Allen Duncan, in memory of Henry Allen
In honor of Anthony M. Sammarco:
   Jacqueline and Stephen Feinberg
   Gregory Jackson and Peter Sanborn
   Mrs. Jeffrey Marshall
   Virginia White
Designated Donations/Matching Gifts
For part-time Museum Assistant:
   Linda and F. Towne Allen
   Rosamond Allen
Jacqueline D. Blombach for Benefit flowers
Sheila Donahue for Benefit musicians
Frances Duffly for purchase of guide books
Samuel H. Duncan, NVIDIA Corp. Employee Giving Program
In-Kind Services
Fisher College, for snow removal and lawn maintenance
Laura Gresh, for design of Benefit invitation
Mary Prince Photography, for Benefit photography
Janet Younker and Denise Crean, Garden Club of the Back Bay, for
   exterior floral plantings


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of the Gibson House Museum

Second floor red study; photo by Mary Prince, Mary Prince Photography of Boston

The Gibson House Museum is an authentic Victorian row house located at 137 Beacon Street. Built in 1859, it is one of Back Bay's earliest houses and stands as the historic house museum of the Back Bay. The Museum is open to the public and preserved as a time capsule of the daily life of a well-to-do Back Bay Boston family and its domestic staff. The Gibson House Museum is a National Historic Landmark and listed on the Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places.

      Gibson House Museum
A National Historic Landmark   

Gibson House Museum  137 Beacon Street   Boston, MA  02116